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about us

Inspired by our heritage and a real lack of quality takeaway desi food, we are proud to introduce Gimme Samosa to the world, the first of its kind, baked 'Sweet' and 'Spiced' Samosa's. 

Each our of glorious Mosa's are hand made, from the sweet and savoury doughs, to the fresh fillings, to the very dips that complement each one so perfectly. No more half filled greasy fried crumbly samosa's, Gimme Samosa are here to put our very own unique twist on an age old classic and bring it into the 21st century.

Our delicious Mosa's come in 6 distinct flavours, 3 Sweet and 3 Spice, you can order in boxes of 9, which are perfect for lazy nights in front of the tv, a birthday party, picnics, a work event or any reason to get your friends and family together. You can guarantee there's something for everyone when you gift a couple of boxes of our #GimmeGang and some of our velvety smooth Karak Chai. They go down a rip roaring treat!

We're a family run business, foodies at heart, passionate about taste and delivering something new to the world, whether you want to eat them for breakfast, lunch or dinner, as a savoury snack or a desi dessert we hope you love what we have to offer and become fans for life.

Take a look at our unique menu and order your boxes today!

Gimme, gimme, gimme...

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